The Art of the Mural Volume 1: A Contemporary Global Movement (Hardcover)

The Art of the Mural Volume 1: A Contemporary Global Movement Cover Image
By Shane Pomajambo, Carlo McCormick (Foreword by)
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This first installment in a four-part series is a celebratory tour of some of the most vibrant, impressive, contemporary mural art in the world. Fifty artists from six continents share nearly 400 examples of their best work and a little bit about their own lives and journeys as muralists. The criteria for inclusion in the book was simple: the artists had to be full-time muralists who push the boundaries of the art form and engage with the medium as a vital social concept. Many of these artists don't have homes; they travel the globe, entering foreign communities and cultures, and find shelter from hosts of festivals or art lovers. It's this dedication to their craft that sets this breed of artists apart from traditional artists, such as painters and sculptors, but their level of commitment is also what bridges the worlds of fine art and street art.

About the Author

Shane Pomajambo is the CEO and Creative Director of Art Whino Gallery, a DC-based art gallery whose mission is to bring together the pioneers of the worldwide Lowbrow art movement.

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ISBN: 9780764350016
ISBN-10: 0764350013
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Publication Date: March 28th, 2016
Pages: 216
Language: English
Series: Art of the Mural