The Calligrapher's Bible: 100 Complete Alphabets and How to Draw Them (Hardcover)

The Calligrapher's Bible: 100 Complete Alphabets and How to Draw Them By David Harris Cover Image
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Learn the beautiful and ancient art of calligraphy!

Calligraphy is a timeless practice. Whether you want to improve your penmanship, practice calligraphy as a hobby, or create your own hand-lettered art, this informative, gorgeously illustrated calligraphy guide is a go-to for anyone interested in learning the art of hand lettering. A calligraphy kit designed for self-teaching, it contains 100 sections, each complete with an A-to-Z calligraphy alphabet, lessons on correct pen strokes, and advice on avoiding errors. Beginners will find sound basic instruction, while experienced calligraphers can extend their repertoire with letter styles that range from classic Roman to clean and elegant contemporary styles. In addition to an analysis of each alphabet's features, the book provides information on:

  • Tools and materials
  • Layout basics
  • Numerals and punctuation
  • Illumination and ornamentation
  • Tips for the left-handed calligrapher
  • and more!

Including a brief history of the art form and examples by master calligraphers through the eras, this book is ideal for adults who want to practice their handwriting or who love crafts. This book's spiral binding ensures that pages lay flat when opened, allowing calligraphers to study and copy each pen stroke with ease. The perfect gift idea for adults who love crafts, bullet journals, activity books, or design, The Calligrapher's Bible is for everyone.

About the Author

David Harris is an internationally recognized calligrapher who worked at several London design studios and advertising agencies before establishing his own design group. Subsequently, he took a teaching post at Exeter College of Art and Design in the U.K., where he specializes in teaching lettering and calligraphy. He has published several other books on the art of lettering and calligraphy.

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ISBN: 9780764156151
ISBN-10: 0764156152
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: September 1st, 2003
Pages: 256
Language: English