American Muscle Supercars: Ultimate Street Performance from Shelby, Baldwin-Motion, Mr. Norm and Other Legendary Tuners (Hardcover)

American Muscle Supercars: Ultimate Street Performance from Shelby, Baldwin-Motion, Mr. Norm and Other Legendary Tuners Cover Image
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The American muscle car began, not in the factories of the Big Three automakers, but in the garages and dealerships of a Detroit subculture bent on making the hottest, highest-performance cars on the street.American Muscle Supercars tells the story of these tuner/builders and the supercars they unleashed on the American scene. It all begins with Michigan’s Royal Pontiac dealership, and the souped-up Royal Pontiac Bobcats they built and sold to drag racers, starting a thrill that’s never faded.From those Royal Pontiac tuner cars to the new Boss 302 Mustang built by Steve Saleen, this gorgeously illustrated book chronicles the outsize contribution of the tuner/builder to American automotive history.

Author-photographer David Newhardt profiles the tuner/builders who have dominated American performance--names like Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge, Nickey Chevrolet, Don Yenko, Carroll Shelby, George Hurst, and Baldwin-Motion.And he focuses on the tuners who continue to lead the way, builders such as Steve Saleen, Calloway, and SLP, whose vehicles are the fastest ever built.From the oldest of these muscle tuners, commanding top dollar at today’s classic-car auctions, to the latest attempts by Ford and Chrysler to get into the game with their SVT and SRT divisions, this book gives readers a full and fascinating look at American high-performance in its purest form.

About the Author

David Newhardt is one of the best automobile photographers working today and has provided photography for best-selling Motorbooks titles Muscle: America's Legendary Performance Cars, Corvette: Fifty Years, Mustang: Forty Years, Mopar Muscle: Fifty Years, and Shelby Mustang: Racer for the Street.

Praise For…

“With 192 pages of supercar information, and over 200 high quality photos, you’ll have a hard time putting down this fantastic look at American high-performance in its purist form.” – Camaro Performers

“This book examines the supercars from the early years to today’s attempts by Ford and Chrysler.” - Hotrod & Restoration

“The histories of these builders are augmented by contemporary and archival photos, period ads, and scrapbook photos.” - Muscle Car Review

“…as much as you’ll enjoy the narrative, you’ll probably spend more time going over the numerous photos of the cars.” - Auto Restorer

“David Newhardt has taken a new and refreshing look at those great cars in his new book, American Muscle Supercars, by examining how they came about.” – Albert Drake, Cruzin Magazine

“Photographer David Newhardt went on a treasure hunt to seek out these special cars and drag race survivors…” – Mark Maynard, San Diego Union-Tribune


“Well illustrated thanks to David’s highly creative photographic talent, along with lots of thrilling vintage photos, everything you ever wanted to know about how these famous names got their start modifying and racing muscle cars is all here, and in an easy-to-read style that is highly entertaining. It’s a must-read for all fans of muscle cars.” – Richard Lentinello, Hemmings Classic Car


“If the vibrant green Yenko Nova hood on its cover doesn't stir you to check out what's on the rest of the pages, you might want to check your pulse. The stunning Motion Corvette and Camaro photos alone are worth the price of admission.” – John Nelson,

“Photographer and author David Newhardt went on a treasure hunt to seek out these special cars and drag-race survivors by Royal Pontiac, Nickey Chevrolet, Tasca Ford, Baldwin-Motion and Shelby.” – Mark Maynard, San Diego Union Tribune

“It focuses on the specialist builders and dealers of short-run cars, dealers like Royal Pontiac, and the two pre-eminent manufactures, Hurst and Shelby American.” – Richard Truesdell, Musclecar Enthusiast


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ISBN: 9780760332948
Publisher: Motorbooks
Publication Date: September 30th, 2008
Pages: 192