Illustrated Directory of Special Forces (Paperback)

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Go inside the elite and often-covert world of today's Special Forces. Superbly trained, these special operations commandos are the world's ultimate military (and para-military) tacticians. Learn about their stealthy organization, their training, uniforms and equipment, and their specially developed weapons. Fabulously illustrated with dramatic action photos, this timely reference highlights both the need for and the rapid deployment of today's Special Forces. See them in action!

About the Author

Wayne Youngblood is a freelance author and editor with a broad variety of interests. He has written books on a range of subjects from colonial history and American Indians to stamps and stamp collecting. In addition, he has authored thousands of columns and features covering historical and collectible subjects. His specific awareness of Mathew Brady's work came from a longtime interest in early photography, the American Civil War, and US postage stamp design, for which numerous attributed and unattributed Brady photos have been used as sources.Ray Bonds has been a defense journalist, editor, and publisher during a career spanning over thirty five years, covering periods and activities as wide ranging as the American Civil War, anti-ballistic missile systems, stealth warfare, and modern military intelligence gathering. He has written and edited scores of well respected titles on the world's major armed forces, their battles, weapons, and organization, with a specialty in the armed services of the United States.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780760314197
Publisher: Zenith Press
Publication Date: February 13th, 2003
Pages: 480
Language: English
Series: Illustrated Directory