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Countless parents, teachers, and other carers for children have discovered the benefits of Maureen Garth′s unique approach to meditation. Her simple but imaginative stories lead children into magical worlds in which they are released from fears, discover peacefulness and stillness, and experience wonder-filled adventures.

Maureen was a pioneer in the use of creative visualisation for children. She first developed and refined her techniques with her young daughter, Eleanor, and the meditations appeared in the international bestseller, Starbright. It was followed by two further collections of visualisations for children, Moonbeam and Sunshine.

Offering 25 allnew visualizations, Earthlight completes a series of Maureen′s meditation books for children and joins its predecessors in bring wonder and adventure into their lives through the use of visualization.

These meditations help children sleep more peacefully, to learn to still themselves, to be freed of their worries, and to develop their ability to concentrate. Earthlight is also an ideal resource for those who wish to nurture the innate creativity within each child.

About the Author

Maureen Garth was an innovative teacher and writer about meditation who lived in Sydney, Australia. She died after completing the manuscript of Earthlight. In addition to her collections of childrens visualizations for older readers, The Inner Garden, InnerSpace,and The Power of the Inner Self.

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ISBN: 9780732258283
Publisher: HarperOne
Publication Date: October 6th, 1997
Pages: 144
Language: English