Life to the Fullest: A Story About Finding Your Purpose and Following Your Heart (Paperback)

Life to the Fullest: A Story About Finding Your Purpose and Following Your Heart By Darrin Donnelly Cover Image
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A powerful book about following the dreams in your heart.

The world's happiest and most successful people tell us it's ESSENTIAL that we follow our true purpose in life. Unfortunately, many people don't know what their true purpose is. Or, they hesitate to follow their purpose because it seems too risky or impractical. Or - worst of all - they give up on their dreams when times get tough.

This is a book that will show you exactly how to discover your true purpose and it will give you the motivation to NEVER give up on the dreams in your heart.

In a story that pays homage to the holiday classics, It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, John Callahan is a man who has spent his life following his calling as a high school football coach just like his legendary father. But his dream life is suddenly being crushed. Just days before the state championship game, John receives news that his beloved school is declaring bankruptcy and will be shutting down at the end of the year.

Everything John has worked his whole life for - his team, his community, his pension - is being taken away from him. John is now questioning all his past decisions and he's angry at himself for not taking more "practical" opportunities when they came along.

When all hope seems lost, John receives a miraculous visit from his long-deceased father on the eve of his team's final game. John is given the opportunity to revisit past moments in his life and to see how things would've turned out differently if he had followed a more "practical" path.

This is a story about fathers and sons. It's a story about faith, family, and community. Most of all, it's a story about having the courage to follow your heart and live your true purpose.

As this story plays out, you will discover the five-step process for finding your purpose and simplifying every single decision you make in life.

Following your purpose affects more than just you - it affects EVERYONE around you. Once you read this book, you will never again question the importance of following your true purpose.

This is a book that will stick with you long after you've read it...

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ISBN: 9780692997215
ISBN-10: 0692997210
Publisher: Shamrock New Media, Inc.
Publication Date: December 8th, 2017
Pages: 274
Language: English