The Cancer Cure Diet for Dogs: Using the Ketogenic Diet to Prevent, Treat, and Cure Cancer in Your Furriest Family Member (Paperback)

The Cancer Cure Diet for Dogs: Using the Ketogenic Diet to Prevent, Treat, and Cure Cancer in Your Furriest Family Member Cover Image
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This is the book that no loving dog owner wants to read. But, reading it just may save your canine companion's life.

Whether you've already gotten a cancer diagnosis in your dog or are hoping to prevent one, this book is going to show you exactly how to save your furriest family members.

Here's the deal:

Preventing, treating, and even curing the dreaded c-word isn't nearly as complicated as some would have you believe.
- You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on supplements and pills that promise to work and only turn out to be another scam.
- You can feed your dog wholesome food that you already have in your refrigerator
- You can continue the treatment plan you are doing with your trusted veterinarian.

Within these pages, you'll discover exactly what you need to know, exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it - as easily as possible - to help your dog, heal your dog, and save hundreds (if not thousands) in veterinary bills.

This book reveals things like:

- Some of the most common dog foods actually help cancer grow. We'll show you what foods STARVE cancer cells.
- How the ketogenic diet can be used to prevent and battle cancer in dogs, with easy to use formulas and recipes specific to YOUR dog's age, weight, and activity level.
- Dogs battling cancer and pet parents looking to prevent cancer in their beloved dogs can both benefit from this diet.
- How to get your vet on board with your dog's new cancer-fighting diet
- The tireless work by the KetoPet Sanctuary, who is using the Ketogenic diet to cure cancer in "lost case" dogs - and then finding them forever homes
- And tons of research to back it all up.

Imagine no longer feeling helpless in the wake of your dog's cancer diagnosis. The bottom line is you CAN take control of your furriest friend's well-being - with the truly personalized treatment plan you'll find within the pages of this book.

Now, if you are shocked at the idea that cancer in dogs can be reversed, even cured, you need to be aware that doctors, medical centers, and veterinarians are studying the metabolic response to cancer in depth.

Dozens of research articles and studies are pointing to the power and effectiveness of the ketogenic diet in both humans AND DOGS at reversing disease.

The research done at the KetoPet Sanctuary proves the ketogenic diet works for dogs battling cancer.

Your dog has given you love. Give your dog the care they need at this sensitive time.

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ISBN: 9780692974018
ISBN-10: 0692974016
Publisher: Woof Publishing Corp
Publication Date: December 18th, 2017
Pages: 162
Language: English