Growing The Positive Mind: With the Emotional Gym & The Positive Mind Test (Paperback)

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Self Sustain Your Brain. Grow A Positive Mind. A positive mind is absolutely your most important comprehensive health resource. Your brain has an inherent optimism bias. Consider how much negativity it takes to undermine that bias and the effect of changing our basic nature so that we are more negative than positive. Do you think this could affect the health of your memory? Your brain runs most efficiently on positivity. Our greatest waste of energy is the poor use we make of psychic energy. The greatest energy crisis is the non-use and misuse of the energy of the brain. Self sustain your brain. It is a vast resource that is continuing to evolve. How we cooperate with the evolution of our brain determines our health on a primal level. If negativity is in the way of that evolution by narrowing the options and choices of the brain and rigidifying, the lean toward disease is far greater. If it is the job of your brain to "get the larger picture" as you grow older, if you dig in and become rigid and narrow, why wouldn't the loss of wasted energy express itself in the loss of the capacity for memory? Half of your brain, the entire right hemisphere, is for the purpose of novelty, of integrating and organizing so that new information can be lateralized, passed over to the left hemisphere. You will learn how to live in an UpSpiral that actually raises the level of your moods, your emotional states, and your everyday experience of "feeling good." This UpSpiral increases your openness to new information, to novelty. As you increase in growing your positive mind, it will move in the direction of increasing the meaning in your life. At the core of positivity is the way we make meaning, called our meaning-making system. New developmental stages of meaning-making emerge throughout our entire life span. Growing a positive mind greatly enhances the move into and through these stages of meaning-making. When that growth is thwarted, aliveness is dulled and negativity takes its toll on health. Our brains are meant to evolve into higher and higher stages of more complex reasoning. This book is about the growth that enhances those developmental stages of meaning-making. A positive mind also enhances the ability to navigate the transitions that exist between these stages. This is not just theory, it is not simply insight, but the "how to" in language anyone can understand. "Growing The Positive Mind" is a guide to becoming emotionally more agile and flexible. It helps you recover from the learned non-use of positive emotion which affects everyone. We learn not to be positive by the small and large traumas of our lives. It is something like a stroke where we discover that what we thought was not workable is still there ready to spring to life. That is the potential for higher and higher levels of positive emotion that you learn in Dr. Larkin's Emotional Gym. Growing positive emotional muscle is actually something you can learn. and learning helps you manage your moods, your states of mind, and puts the control of positive emotion back into the hands of the reader rather than in the events of life outside the person. You can feel positive emotions simply because you decide you can. You don't have to have a reason. You can grow positive emotional muscle that is at your control, and this book tells you how. Each chapter is a strategy that is a "how to" of an overall process of change, that creates both a more positive mind but also creates the potential for deeper and more significant meaning-making in life. Your brain can always grow new neurons, your brain is always evolving and a positive mind insures the healthiest and easiest use of the energy of the brain to grow and evolve. Learn how from a book grounded in science and translated so simply that anyone can understand it. The research that grounds the book is contained in the rich bibliography.

About the Author

Dr. William Kent Larkin is the Director of the Applied Neuroscience Institute. His work is the practical and easily understood application of the integration of neuroscience research and health for therapists, doctors, coaches, business, and the general public. His work focuses on the ongoing evolution of the brain into higher and higher stages of more complex reasoning and meaning making. More specifically, Dr. Larkin is interested in the transitions that exist between these stages of meaning-making and how they are more easily understood and navigated rather than resisted and feared as abnormal. Dr. Larkin is an expert in the creation of positive mood states leading to the elevation of focus, mood, and State of Mind Management (SOMM) for greater creativity, productivity, and thriving, for both individuals and organizations. He is the creator of Roller Coaster (TM), a 6 step method for identifying self-sabotaging behavior, behavior which is most visible when people have developed higher levels of positivity or success in life. It is a phenomenon often seen with entrepreneurs who meet with a rapid rise to success or celebrities who deal with rapid rise to fame. Dr. Larkin was educated at Yale University, and holds a doctorate from Harvard University. He was for 10 years the voice of psychology for the Armed Forces Network broadcasting to 72 countries. His program, "Breakthrough with Dr. Larkin," won 52 national and international awards. Dr. Larkin was the recipient of the Department of Defense Bronze Plaque for Outstanding Service. He is the author of five books, including "Growing The Positive Mind." His most recent book, "A New 12 Steps For A New Millenium: The UpSpiraLife Group," was recently released and was selected for both Amazon Kindle national and international release. Dr. Larkin is the producer and director of a children's television series called "Our Friends," which teaches values to children. It is available on Amazon Video Direct.

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ISBN: 9780692725900
ISBN-10: 0692725903
Publisher: Applied Neuroscience Press
Publication Date: June 6th, 2016
Pages: 180
Language: English