Total Immersion: A Revolutionary Way to Swim Better and Faster (Paperback)

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Swim Better Than You Ever Thought You Could

If you think fastest way to better swimming is more laps, you're wasting your breath, literally. Now you can swim better -- and enjoy it more -- using simple and original techniques developed by veteran swim coach and top-ranked Masters swimmer Terry Laughlin. Laughing has helped more adults to swim faster, more smoothly, and with less effort than any other swimming coach in the country. "Total Immersion," named for the popular workshops he gives across the country, will change the way you move your body through the water, Laughlin will take the way you swim and turn it inside out as you learn that it's technique -- not athletic ability -- that makes a strong swimmer. And best of all, you'll eliminate the boredom that comes with repetitive lap swimming. "Total Immersion" features:

* Step-by-step skill drills that anyone can master for better swim stokes, improved form, and more enjoyable workouts
* Tips on how to eliminate energy-robbing "drag" and swim more powerfully-with less effort
* The "Total Immersion" self- taught stroke makeover
* Dry land exercises to improve what you do in the water
* How to swim to burn off the most fat
* Easy-to follow illustrations

You will also learn which "pool toys" -- like hand paddles and fins -- can help you improve the most; how to swim for general fitness; how to stay injury-free; and much more. Based on more than twenty years of teaching, coaching, and research, Terry Laughlin's "Total Immersion" is sure to improve the quality of your swimming, whether you're skilled athlete or an average swimmer. And best of all, no more boring laps.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780684818856
Publisher: Fireside
Publication Date: August 2nd, 1996
Pages: 288