The Very Bad Thing: A Story of Recovery from Trauma (Paperback)

The Very Bad Thing: A Story of Recovery from Trauma By Elizabeth Mary Cummings, Melissa Salvarani (Illustrator) Cover Image
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The Very Bad Thing uses the metaphor of sailing on an ocean to tell the story of one person's journey through bad times to a place where there feel safe and feel that they can carry on with their life. Aimed at a juvenile audience, The Very Bad Thing chooses simple language and exquiste illustrations to portay the emotions and feeling someone may experience when something traumatic happens in their life.

Help is shown as a figure of support, one who listens in an active, non-judgemental way and one who remains present through the difficult times. Help enables the protagonist to face their trauma and to find the strength to talk about the trauma in order to move on to a place where they feel free to live their life, a place where they feel safe. A mental health narrative to help platform conversations on trauma and difficult times with young children.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648406433
ISBN-10: 0648406431
Publisher: EC Press
Publication Date: February 15th, 2020
Pages: 36
Language: English