Resistance Band Workouts; A Quick and Convenient Solution to Getting Fit, Improving Strength, and Building Muscle While at Home or Traveling (Hardcover)

Resistance Band Workouts; A Quick and Convenient Solution to Getting Fit, Improving Strength, and Building Muscle While at Home or Traveling By Colin Johnson Cover Image
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Resistance Band Workouts

What if I told you that you could improve your strength, fitness and lose weight by doing an intense workout without having to step foot in a gym?

We all know that fitness is a major factor to living a healthy life, both mentally and physically but it can be inconvenient getting to the gym for those that are constantly on the move or even daunting for anyone just starting out in their fitness journey.

My name is Colin Johnson and over my 10 years of being involved in the health and fitness industry, I've experienced my fair share of highs and lows. The content inside this book has been a massive contributor to everything I know in regards to becoming fit, healthy and on the right path to achieving my goals. I know sometimes it seems easier to give up and lounge around on the couch, so I've decided to create this book with what has inspired me to get fit and healthy without ever feeling like getting to the gym is impossible.

Feeling anxious about others watching you workout at a gym is a normal feeling that I also experienced. I often ask myself What if I had this book when I was younger maybe would i have started my fitness journey earlier? I've created this book to ensure you don't feel these same feelings as myself and many others feel.

I want to share that knowledge with you now because I know for a fact that it can free so many people from the tiresome and tedious trial and error of achieving their fitness and health goals.

In Resistance Band Workouts here is a fraction of what you will learn:
  • About the benefits of resistance training
  • The importance of progressive overload
  • How to perform many exercises with nothing but a resistance band
  • How to make the exercises more or less challenging with different variations
  • Basic gym terminology
  • About resistance bands and the different types
  • The importance of breathing and warming up properly

Losing weight, getting fit and being confident in myself was something that seemed so far out of reach for so many different reasons. When i first started my fitness journey I thought to reach the goals I set it would be a constant grind and struggle until i finally got there but I've realised it's about enjoying the journey and developing healthy habits.

You won't find this level of information anywhere else...

With this book in your hands, you can save yourself time and energy by following all the tips, tricks and advice you'll find within. Gain meaningful knowledge in the step-by-step, easy-to-follow exercises and using this book as a reference for anything you may need to help becoming the person you want

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ISBN: 9780645425819
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Publisher: Health and Fitness
Publication Date: October 4th, 2021
Pages: 94
Language: English