Art and Healing: Using Expressive Art to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit (Paperback)

Art and Healing: Using Expressive Art to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Cover Image
By Michael Samuels (Foreword by), Mary Rockwood Lane (Foreword by), Barbara Ganim
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Artists have always known intuitively what science is just beginning to discover: that creating a visual image through any medium can produce physical and emotional benefits for both the creator as well as those who view it. Most important, you don't need to think of yourself as an artist or even believe you have any "talent" to tap into the healing powers of art.
In this remarkable testament to the power of creativity, Barbara Ganim shows step-by-step how to use art to heal body, mind, and spirit. By using guided meditation and artistic techniques, you can gain insight and clarity into depression, anxiety, rage, and even illnesses, including cancer, arthritis, and AIDS.
At once inspirational and instructive, Art and Healing will teach you how to connect with negative, painful, and even repressed emotions, and then express them through drawing, painting, sculpture, or collage. Releasing these feelings through the creative process frees up the immune system and clears the mind, allowing the body to fight off disease and begin to heal emotional wounds. Filled with actual stories from those who have triumphed over adversity and with more than a hundred different pieces of artwork created using this groundbreaking method, Art and Healing is sure to provide the tools needed for healing body and spirit.

Praise For…

"The most important form of communication is visual. Our dreams, visions, and drawings speak the truth to us. They communicate the true thoughts and feelings of our mind, body, and spirit. Read this book and you will start on a journey of enlightenment."        
--Bernie Siegel, M.D.,         author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

"Barbara Ganim's multidimensional book is a significant contribution to the therapeutic field of expressive art. Based on her experience and obvious dedication to clients, Ganim takes the reader on an inward journey to reach the emotions that might cause illness. Her book builds toward an inspirational conclusion, like the peak of a pyramid, with the chapters 'Healing the Soul' and 'Healing Others.' Here, Ganim reveals her wisdom by linking our soul's purpose and altruistic intentions with Art and Healing."        
--Mary Carroll Nelson, author of Artists of the Spirit

"Barbara Ganim is a major chronicler of responsible comprehensive medicine. It is my pleasure to emphasize that Barbara is the best of the best in this cogent field of work."        
-- Edward Taub, m.d.,         author of Dr. Edward Taub's Seven Steps to Self-Healing

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ISBN: 9780609803165
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Publication Date: June 7th, 1999
Pages: 256