Brb: A Memoir About Coming Of Age In The Digital Age (Paperback)

Brb: A Memoir About Coming Of Age In The Digital Age By Lauren Ellman Cover Image
Here in Miami, Just Like We Are
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"BRB is a nostalgic and hard hitting truth punch to the gut. It will open your eyes to the way growing up holding hands with the internet and social media has influenced who you are, and what's even more beautiful, it will inspire you to break that all down and start anew. A fresh and important memoir every millennial must read." - International Bestselling Author Kandi Steiner


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WE USED TO SAY BRB WHEN WE WALKED AWAY FROM OUR COMPUTERS. We don't say that anymore. We live here now.

How has that shift affected our mental health? That's the question Lauren has been trying to answer for the past decade, exploring the intersection of mental health and social media use. This is her story of coming of age in the digital age, all while her undiagnosed anxiety disorder bubbles under the surface until finally demanding to be treated.

During her recovery process, she continues to hear a faint little voice that grows louder and louder the more she ignores it. That faint little voice reveals itself to be the solution we're all searching for.

It's not a pill, a self-help guru or a 10 day retreat to Bali. The solution to FOMO, and the anxiety, depression and general life dissatisfaction it breeds, is to come home to ourselves and reconnect with that little voice of intuition. Re-learning how to trust ourselves, be more mindful of the content we're consuming and, in general, live life with more intention.

This book will encourage readers to do just that, in order to break the spell of the flashy news headlines and infinite social media scrolls distracting us from our real, embodied lives.

Who were you before the internet told you who to be? Let's remember, together.

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ISBN: 9780578850023
ISBN-10: 0578850028
Publisher: Loey LLC
Publication Date: May 25th, 2021
Pages: 146
Language: English