One Mistake, One Hundred Million Deaths: The Two Biggest Ideas of the 20th Century (Paperback)

One Mistake, One Hundred Million Deaths: The Two Biggest Ideas of the 20th Century Cover Image
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The dream of America flowered from an idea that was irrational and audacious-a man from LaMancha "impossible dream". Every American must know what dreams people were arguing about 100 years ago.

It all began with an intellectual disagreement of abstract ideas that eventually turned cities and towns into debris and humans into animals

This is the story of the most eventful human struggle in thousands of years.

They were among the most advanced people in history and enjoyed the gift of the first global economy; then they got into an argument and 100 million people died.

At the outset of WWI Europe's wealth creating global economy and democracies quickly succumbed to tyranny. Now here at home many of us stand jaws agape as millions of Americans passively submit to illegal edicts spewing from wooden bureaucrats in governments and cyberpunks in Silicon Valley. We are smarter than the Europeans, you say. Only in one important way can we be smarter, if we learn from their mistake.

If you feel a lack of clarity about the big questions of society you can avoid years immersed in philosophical clutter. Here you will find the five immovable requirements of a free and moral society.

We have now glimpsed what oligarchical tyranny looks like. Who can save America? Our best hope is the common man, the producer, but ultimately the future of America lies in the hands of our young people.

Today our youth see growing disintegration of our civilizing institutions. The cords of church and family may be broken. Students may look to academia for orderly guidance but they are often lost in a roiling sea of little ideas. Many students are bored by the minutiae or threatened by the exclusive jargon of experts. It is widely known that many young people crave powerful principles clearly presented. For this reason this book will enjoy a target audience willing to turn its pages.

No student should leave college without the little book One Hundred Million Deaths.

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Publication Date: February 11th, 2021
Pages: 104
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