Selected Akan Proverbs And Their Meaning (Volume #1) (Hardcover)

Selected Akan Proverbs And Their Meaning (Volume #1) Cover Image
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This is the first of a two-volume book on selected Akan proverbs and their meaning by Yenkassa. The proverbs make the wise wiser, it makes the primitive knowledgeable, and it increases the knowledge of the knowledgeable. The proverbs deepen a person's way of thinking. The Akan proverbs were originally recited at the Ashanti palace by qualified linguists who were handpicked by the king himself. The Ashanti king and the clan chiefs are the custodians of the Akan proverbs. Certain proverbs are recited depending on the occasion or the mood of the king. There are severe consequences for citing inappropriate or unsuitable proverbs in the presence of the king. Each proverb has a meaning but is open to various interpretations. The principles of the Akan proverbs are meant to be applicable to all regardless of nationality, heritage, or social standing.

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ISBN: 9780578558042
ISBN-10: 0578558041
Publisher: Yenkassa
Publication Date: November 6th, 2019
Pages: 86
Language: English
Series: Volume