Deadbeat vs Deadbroke: How to Collect Your Child Support When They Are Self-Employed, Unemployed, Quasi-Employed, Working Under-The-Table or (Paperback)

Deadbeat vs Deadbroke: How to Collect Your Child Support When They Are Self-Employed, Unemployed, Quasi-Employed, Working Under-The-Table or Cover Image
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She's "penniless" but drives a new car. He manipulates his paperwork to appear destitute. He is self-employed but claims to be unemployed and deposits money into his girlfriends account. She outright lies about her income in court. He's honestly penniless and trying to improve his finances. Only one of these deserves any sympathy. The other four are deadbeat parents, capitalizing on the court system's willingness to forgive past-due child support in the face of financial distress. On one end...exists indifference and irresponsibility and at the inability to provide financial support due to personal circumstances. In Deadbeat vs. Deadbroke, child support consultant Simone Spence brings the conversation back to where it belongs-the children. She provides you with the information and tools needed to represent a child's interests in child support collection, whether you're a parent, attorney, or caseworker. Learn how to identify signs of financial fraud, and how to present your case in court. Discover how to negotiate when the obligor is truly penniless, and how to work within the system willing to put a parent's needs ahead of a child's. Child support is not a privilege. It is a right owed to America's children. Simone Spence helps you protect that right. Establish, modify and enforce your child support order Discover over 60 sources PI's use to track people and use them on the non-residential parent Learn how to track and uncover hidden assets of the non-payor.

About the Author

Simone Spence is President and Founder of Child Support Solutions, LLC (CSS), an organization that helps parents collect unpaid child support payments through the child support system. Since CSS' founding, Spence's clients have been able to collect more than $15,500,000 in past due child support. Spence learned first-hand about the child support system when she worked her way through the child support system to claim the payments to which she was entitled. Her efforts enabled her to support her own children and her victory led her to help other women who were unable to find success on their own. Spence says,"we empower our clients by giving them the information and tools they need to provide for their children by recovering outstanding child support payments," says Spence. She adds, "We have an 83% success rate which we attribute to our understanding of both the child support collection process and comprehensive knowledge of an individual's rights." Simone Spence is the author of "1-800-Deadbeats: How to Collect your Child Support"; "Deadbeats, What Responsible Parents Need to Know about Collecting Child Support"; published in 2000 by Sourcebooks and now has recently completed "Deadbeat vs. Deadbroke: A Guide to Getting your Children All That They Deserve". The chapter topics range from establishing paternity to finding a parent who's MIA, identifying their assets and income, collecting from military personnel, the self-employed, the unemployed, federal employees, collecting funds internationally and much more. As a subject matter expert, Spence regularly makes appearances on talk radio. She is a sought after expert on child support and served as talk-radio hosts on both WEVD and WGHT and wrote a weekly column "Diary of a Single Mom," for the North Jersey Herald & News. Simone Spence is as an advocate, private child support consultant, author and lecturer. She has addressed U.S. legislative hearings for the Administration for Children & Families. Among the many honors and awards Spence has received, former New Jersey Governors McGreevey and Corzine have honored Simone Spence with Proclamations for ending the cycle of hunger for families through her advocacy for child support enforcement. One of the greatest awards she was honored to have received was from the organization "Events to Empower Humanity" when she received an honor for lifting a 4 time generational mother with 8 children from social services by enabling her to collect her child support.

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Publication Date: July 9th, 2014
Pages: 350
Language: English