Roman Britain: A New History (Hardcover)

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A definitive and completely up-to-date account of the Roman conquest and occupation of Britain--a crucial period in its history
In this lively, authoritative new account of Britain as a Roman province, Guy de la Bedoyere puts the Roman conquest and occupation of the island within the larger context of Romano-British society and how it functioned.
Following introductory chapters outlining events from the Iron Age period to the emperor Honorius' advice to the Britons in 410 to fend for themselves, the author tackles the issues facing Britons after the absorption of their culture by an invading army, including the role of government and the military in the province, religion, commerce, technology, and day-to-day life both in towns and in the countryside.
The narrative is brought vividly to life by quotations from inscriptions found on tombstones and buildings and the writings of historians such as Tacitus and Dio. The text is supplemented throughout by box features devoted to topics ranging from the Roman city of London and the building of Hadrian's Wall to discoveries such as the Vindolanda writing tablets and the treasure hoards found at Mildenhall and Thetford.
"Roman Britain" is lavishly illustrated with over 290 illustrations, many in color, including reconstruction drawings by the author. Dramatic aerial views of the remains of Roman forts such as Housesteads and Vindolanda along Hadrian's Wall and the Saxon Shore fort of Portchester are also featured. The book incorporates the latest discoveries, including the remains of a stadium recently uncovered in Colchester by the author and a team of archaeologists. 294 illustrations, 77 in color.

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ISBN: 9780500051405
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Publication Date: April 1st, 2006
Pages: 288