Mother of My Mother: The Intimate Bond Between Generations (Paperback)

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In her acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Motherless Daughters, Hope Edelman explored the profound and lasting effects of mother loss, as well as her own search for healing.  Now, in her compelling new work, Edelman explores another complex, life-changing relationship, the intricate bond between generations.

Drawing from her own experience and the recollections of over seventy other granddaughters, Edelman explores the three-generation triangle from which women develop their female identities: the grandmother-mother-daughter relationship. With eloquent personal testimony, she demonstrates the vital roles grandmothers have played in their granddaughters' lives, as a source of unconditional love, family values and traditions, and backup parent, the ultimate safety net.

Here are grandmothers in all their glory: The "Benevolent Manipulator", whose love for her family is matched only by her desire for control; The "Gentle Giant", awesome, respected, who possesses a quiet, behind-the-scenes power; The "Autocrat", who rules her extended family like a despot; The "Kinkeeper", the family hub, who offers a sense of cohesion to the extended clan.

With insight and compassion, Edelman probes this unique and emotionally-charged relationship in a book that is a true celebration of an extraordinary bond--and a must read for every woman.

About the Author

Hope Edelman lives with her family near Los Angeles.

Praise For…

"Mother of My Mother is as personal a work as Motherless Daughters, beautifully written as memoir."
--San Francisco Examiner

"Hope Edelman is a gifted wordsmith and a reliable reporter."
--USA Today

"Edelman is at her best illuminating the complexity of girls' and womens' feelings toward their mothers and grandmothers . . . [Her] good intentions and insights make this a worthwhile read for any woman who has ever viewed her family dynamic as both minefield and saving grace." --Publishers Weekly

"Hope Edelman is a gifted wordsmith and a reliable reporter--.--.--.--Well-developed theories on the ways grandmothers shape a young woman's identity. Fans of Edelman's work will certainly find much of the material in Mother of My Mother interesting and beautifully presented." --USA Today -->

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ISBN: 9780385317993
ISBN-10: 0385317999
Publisher: Delta
Publication Date: April 11th, 2000
Pages: 288
Language: English