Bummy Davis vs. Murder, Inc.: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Mafia and an Ill-Fated Prizefighter (Paperback)

Bummy Davis vs. Murder, Inc.: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Mafia and an Ill-Fated Prizefighter Cover Image
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A tough kid with a heart of gold, Al "Bummy" Davis grew up in the streets of Brownsville, New York on the fringes of the Jewish mob during the 20's and 30's-thanks to his older brother, a feared racketeer. But as much as he resisted the underworld of Murder, Inc. by becoming a championship fighter and a Brownsville hero, he never did escape the Jewish Mob's shadow. Though he repeatedly stood up to mob kingpins, Bummy suffered a spectacular fall from grace as a result of a smear campaign by the press.

Ron Ross' Bummy Davis vs. Murder, Inc. is not just about one Jewish boxer, his meteoric rise to fame, and victimization by the press. Bummy's life was intertwined with the Great Depression, the survival of the Brooklyn Jewish immigrant population during Prohibition, and the inevitable offshoot of Prohibition-Murder Inc., one of American history's most notorious band of killers. Ron Ross portrays an important historical time period, an enigmatic Jewish subculture, and the surprising juxtaposition of a generation of Jews and their talent for boxing.

Bummy Davis vs. Murder, Inc. features a cast of colorful villains whom you'll love to hate, a boxing legend who was the unwitting pawn of fate, and the human drama of the boxing world. With his vivid, street-smart Damon Runyonesque writing style, Ron Ross redeems a tragic hero who fought the pull of one of the most brutal groups of killers to grace the twentieth century.

About the Author

Ron Ross is a native New Yorker and was a professional boxer, fight promoter, and manager. Serving on the board of directors of the Veteran Boxers Association of New York and the B'Nai B'rith Sports Lodge of New York, he divides his time between Oceanside, New York, and Boca Raton, Florida with his wife Susan.

Praise For…

"You don't have to be a fight fan to enjoy Bummy Davis vs. Murder Inc., or even remember the riveting career of Bummy Davis, the ill-starred little Jewish boxer from Brownsville. Ron Ross tells an intense personal story with a powerful sense of social history about the Jewish mob world of the 20's-30's that makes this labor of love one of the most gripping reads in years."
- Budd Schulberg, author of On the Waterfront and Sparring With Hemingway: And Other Legends of the Fight Game

"My heartfelt thanks to Ron Ross for bringing excitement back into my reading time. I couldn't separate myself from Bummy Davis vs. Murder Inc."
- Angelo Dundee, trainer of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard

"A generation before Mike Tyson emerged from the poverty of Brownsville, Al 'Bummy' Davis came off of the same violent streets to electrify boxing fans with a lights-out punch and a wild-child style. With this compelling book, Ron Ross tells the tabloid tale of this Hebrew brawler with astonishing detail and a sense of history.

In the end, Bummy Davis probably died a hero, trying to stop a bar stick-up, because underneath it all he had the hero's fearless heart. This is a terrific, truthful book."
- Jack Newfield, author of Only in America: The Life and Crimes of Don King and Robert F. Kennedy: A Memoir

Product Details
ISBN: 9780312335717
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: November 18th, 2004
Pages: 432