From Genghis Khan to Tamerlane: The Reawakening of Mongol Asia (Hardcover)

From Genghis Khan to Tamerlane: The Reawakening of Mongol Asia By Peter Jackson Cover Image
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An epic account of how a new world order under Tamerlane was born out of the decline of the Mongol Empire
“A masterwork.”—William Dalrymple, Financial Times
“A landmark publication.”—Noel Malcom, The Telegraph

By the mid-fourteenth century, the world empire founded by Genghis Khan was in crisis. The Mongol Ilkhanate had ended in Iran and Iraq, China’s Mongol rulers were threatened by the native Ming, and the Golden Horde and the Central Asian Mongols were prey to internal discord. Into this void moved the warlord Tamerlane, the last major conqueror to emerge from Inner Asia.
In this authoritative account, Peter Jackson traces Tamerlane’s rise to power against the backdrop of the decline of Mongol rule. Jackson argues that Tamerlane, a keen exponent of Mongol custom and tradition, operated in Genghis Khan’s shadow and took care to draw parallels between himself and his great precursor. But, as a Muslim, Tamerlane drew on Islamic traditions, and his waging of wars in the name of jihad, whether sincere or not, had a more powerful impact than those of any Muslim Mongol ruler before him.

About the Author

Peter Jackson is emeritus professor of medieval history at Keele University and has written on the Crusades, the eastern Islamic world, and the Mongols. His previous books include The Mongols and the Islamic World and The Mongols and the West, 1221–1410.

Praise For…

“A landmark publication by a senior scholar who has spent decades studying all the original sources.”—Noel Malcolm, The Telegraph

“The book teems with insights. Across 700-plus pages, Mr. Jackson has produced an authoritative work of uncompromising erudition, likely to be a definitive study of the subject for many years to come.”—Melik Kaylan, Wall Street Journal

“For those who want the full Timur, in all his terrifyingly bloody magnificence, Jackson provides enough detail, analysis and dazzling insight over 720 pages to satisfy even the most demanding palate.”—William Dalrymple, Financial Times

“A fascinating reappraisal of one of the greatest conquerors and empire-builders the world has ever seen.”—Justin Marozzi, author of Tamerlane

“A truly exceptional piece of scholarship—drawing upon meticulous research, Jackson offers a deeply insightful panorama of a turbulent and fascinating era.”—Nicholas Morton, author of The Mongol Storm

“Peter Jackson expands his lifetime of excellent Muslim and Mongol scholarship to give us a broad and deep portrayal of the lives of these two conquerors who helped shape the history of Asia in the last millennium. Only a scholar of Jackson’s experience can present one of the most important eras of history in such a well organized and comprehensive manner.”—Jack Weatherford, author of Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

“Peter Jackson’s latest book re-evaluating Timur and his legacy will be no less impactful than his classic volume on the Mongols and Europe. He has not only produced yet another authoritative, commanding text but re-interpreted and redefined the role and legacy of Timur-i-Lang.”—George Lane, author of A Short History of the Mongols

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