A History of the British Presence in Chile: From Bloody Mary to Charles Darwin and the Decline of British Influence (Paperback)

A History of the British Presence in Chile: From Bloody Mary to Charles Darwin and the Decline of British Influence By W. Edmundson Cover Image
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“[Edmundson] has written such an excellent book which ought to appeal to anyone with an interest in Chile. Well-researched and concise, it is an appetite-warming guide for further reading and should be recommended to newcomers planning to spend much time in the country.”--Chilean News (the Bulletin of the Anglo-Chilean Society in London), Year 66, No. 376, 10-11, April 2010

“I congratulate William Edmundson on bringing this important, but largely forgotten, part of Chilean history to the general public.”--Victor C. Hawkins, Chairman, British Commonwealth Society, Chile

“As the modern-day visitor can readily confirm, Chilean attitudes toward Britain are warm and admiring. William Edmundson's book is a well-documented account of how those ties were formed, starting even before the war of independence was won. He has researched extensively the motives--industrial, commercial, and scientific, among others--that brought adventurous and enterprising Britons to Chile, many adopting the country as their new homeland. This is an intriguing, informative book, relevant to the times, and worthy of inclusion in any Foreign Studies curriculum.”--Duncan Campbell, Site Administrator, The British Presence in Southern Patagonia

"This book provides a lot of useful reference material for anyone with Chilean ancestors or whose ancestors pursued careers there." --Jessie Denholm, The Scottish Genealogist

For an interview with the author in Chile's Santiago Times:


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