Monday Morning Millionaire: How to Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game (Paperback)

Monday Morning Millionaire: How to Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game Cover Image
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1. Success in the markets only comes from knowledge gained through experience. Personal experience is the expensive best way. The experience of others, such as this book describes, is effective and costs less.

2. Work to develop the confidence for do-it-yourself investing. It can be rewarding.

3. Good returns, constantly quoted prices, low transaction costs, accurate records and absolute liquidity make stock market investing attractive.

4. The attractiveness of stock market investing is a magnet for on-the-take, con artists. Experience will protect and reward you.

5. The original Wall Street role of allocating capital of best uses makes up a small percentage of today's Wall Street activity. The rest is a rigged game. Here too, experience will protect and reward you.

6. The content of this book, old hat to hold hands, daunting to the inexperienced, describes my personal investing journey. I fervently hope that it saves my readers the costly mistakes that I have made and leads to the cash cow that I have found.

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ISBN: 9780228818564
ISBN-10: 0228818567
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: March 13th, 2020
Pages: 104
Language: English