Object Orientation in Visual FoxPro (Paperback)

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In Object Orientation in Visual FoxPro, industry authority and object-oriented programming expert Savannah Brentnall serves up a concise and lively introduction to OOP geared specifically to the needs of FoxPro programmers like you. Object Orientation in Visual FoxPro explains object-oriented programming terminology and concepts in simple, direct language with a minimum of technical jargon. Savannah Brentnalls clear explanations, accompanied by helpful diagrams and creative illustrations, make learning about objects both easy and enjoyable. Each term is illustrated with Visual FoxPro code, so you can see exactly how to use these industry-standard concepts in your applications. Spend just a few hours with Object Orientation in Visual FoxPro and youll be reaping the benefits of object orientation--faster development, easier maintenance, higher quality, and increased adaptability--in no time.

About the Author

Savannah Brentnall is an independent consultant specializing in object orientation and Lotus Notes. She is the coauthor of The Visual Guide to Visual FoxPro by Ventana Press and is currently working with Flash Creative Management to provide object orientation training to FoxPro developers. Savannah is a consultant to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and to Countrywide Funding Corporation. She was the editor of Pinnacle Publishing's VO Developer and Reference Clipper newsletters. Her articles have appeared in VO Developer, Reference Clipper, and Data Based Advisor, and she has spoken at conferences and user groups around the world. Savannah was previously CA's Clipper Product Champion and Nantucket's Technical Marketing Manager. Savannah has been programming since 1985 and has worked with object-oriented languages since 1989. She has been working as a Lotus Notes developer and administrator since the product first entered beta testing in 1989. Savannah is available for writing, training, and development projects involving object orientation and Lotus Notes. She can be reached at the following numbers: Telephone: (818) 841-7307 CompuServe: 71024,3374 Internet: 71024.3374@compuserve.com 0201479435AB04062001

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ISBN: 9780201479430
ISBN-10: 0201479435
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Publication Date: April 22nd, 1996
Pages: 224
Language: English