The Universal Force: Gravity - Creator of Worlds (Hardcover)

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The Universal Force conveys the excitement of science and nature's mysteries. It describes gravitation as seen by examining the achievements of those great scientists who have struggled with the seemingly simple facts and managed to extract some truth about the nature of gravity, its origins, and its effects. Gravity is intimately tied up with motion, and therefore with time and space, and is responsible for planetary systems, the evolution of stars and the existence of black holes and the very beginning of the Universe. It is the universal force, and to look at gravity is to look at the deepest aspects of nature.

The historical context from Aristotle's teleology through Galileo's conflict with the Church, to Newton's law, and Einstein's curved space time, displays the evolution of the science of gravity as one of the greatest and most fascinating human achievements. Contrary to popular opinion, all important science can be understood by anyone, with or without a scientific background. This book shows that the beauty and mysteries of science can be shared with everyone.

About the Author

Louis Girifalco, Professor of Materials Science, Department of Materials Science, University of Pennsylvania Louis A. Girifalco is the University Professor of Materials Science at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a world renowned theorist and has authored five books which include works on solid state diffusion, statistical mechanics and technological change, along with many research papers. He is a former Department Head and Laboratory Director and past Chairman of the Board of Associated Universities, Inc., which was responsible for the operation of Brookhaven National Laboratories and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

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ISBN: 9780199228966
ISBN-10: 0199228965
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: November 11th, 2007
Pages: 297
Language: English