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Francesca Lia Block, critically acclaimed author of Weetzie Bat, brings this eerie and redemptive ghost story to life with her signature, poetic prose. It's perfect for fans of supernatural stories with a touch of romance like the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

After Julie's grandmother passes away, she is forced to move across town to the not-so-fancy end of Beverly Hills and start over at a new school. The only silver lining to the perpetual dark cloud that seems to be following her? Clark—a die-hard fan of Buffy and all things Joss Whedon, who is just as awkward and damaged as she is. Her kindred spirit.

When the two try to contact Julie's grandmother with a Ouija board, they make contact with a different spirit altogether. The real kind. And this ghost will do whatever it takes to come back to the world of the living.

Francesca Lia Block's latest young adult novel is a haunting work about family, loss, love, and redemption.

Praise For…

PRAISE FOR TEEN SPIRIT: “Poetry and pop culture, life and death—these are just two of the polarities that pulse through Block’s elegantly crafted novel. While the spooky goings-on, eerie romance, and magical-hipster Los Angeles setting have broad appeal, the story has even richer treasures in store for readers who dig deeper.”

“Told in Block’s signature, flowing prose, Teen Spirit is a layered story that’s more about grief than it is about ghosts. A beautiful story from a legendary young adult author.”

“Block’s sensual language and strong evocation of place embroider this tale of unresolved grief with an overlay of subtle and delicate creepiness.”

PRAISE FOR PINK SMOG: “Pink Smog sparkles and obscures; it’s a glorious mirage, like the city it pays homage to.”

“An intoxicating mix of mystery, fantasy, and romance told in her signature poetic style.”

“Newcomers and longtime fans alike will find much to savor”

“A fresh gem.”

PRAISE FOR THE FRENZY: “A passionate, dreamy, brief paranormal, with a breath-of-fresh-air monstrous heroine and enjoyably surreal set dressing.”

“Block puts her own spin on werewolves in this romantic thriller.”

PRAISE FOR PRETTY DEAD: “An opulent, surreal world of strange beauty, sudden horror, and lush romance.”

“A true original…[Block] has created something psychologically complex, erotically charged, and unusually poignant.”

“I love the lush, melancholy world of this novel, and its heroine, with her century of secrets.”

“A startlingly original work that drives a stake deep into the heart of typical vampire stories.”

“Sizzles and satisfies.”

“Will be gobbled like candy by teen readers.”

“With her characteristic flair and seductive prose, Block makes this tangled story of betrayal and love a standout. Sensuous and heartbreaking, sure to both satisfy and challenge fans of the supernatural romance.”

Product Details
ISBN: 9780062008091
ISBN-10: 0062008099
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: February 4th, 2014
Pages: 240
Language: English